How to Make To-Go Fish and Chips New Every Day



healthy takeawayWe all love our takeaways or to-gos, right? There is nothing much more sumptuous and at the same time convenient. Just fall in line, order your to-go meal, pay for it, and you’re good to go. A lot of us deal with manic Mondays this way.

There are varieties of takeaways, and one of which is our favourite, the fish and chips takeaway. Many people, however, try adding a few veggies to their fish and chips to make a complete meal.

Which drinks match fish and chips well?

There are a few good drinks that complement the luscious taste of fish and chips. First is wine, and though this may not be a popular choice, it still works! You just have to choose the wine. Make sure it is acidic, bright, and refreshing. A fruity rose or a crisp white may be the best choices. Some wine experts, on the other hand, claim that Sherry goes better with fish and chips.

Beer is also a good choice, and this may be the most popular. Light summer ales are good. You can also slice a lime for that Mexican beer because this combination is an excellent complement to fried fish and batter.

If you want to go back in time for a little bit and live your childhood one more time, you can simply opt for soft drinks. Some people may have already sworn off sodas, but we did enjoy this when we were younger, right?

Tea is just a big YES for fish and chips. It should be strong, served with sugar. This makes great wonders to your fish. They complement really well.
Some people advise having black tea with milk. You might want to try this one. It sounds promising!

What goes well with my fish and chips?

Since you’ll be taking it home, you will have the option to spark it up just a little bit. Different people have different options, but if you don’t know where to start, perhaps this list may be helpful to you:

Some people really opt for the mushy peas. Basically, this is just usually dried green peas cooked until mushy, and is loaded with butter, cream, salt, and pepper. You can also have butter or cream alone. Your choice.

Any salad at all, as long as it is something with vinegrette, can also go well with your fish and chips takeaway.

Some people also opt for steamed peas, carrots, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, and even a good garden salad to complement fish and chips. They go very well with the dish, too.

Many also love to have fish and chips with coleslaw and mashed potatoes.
These are not unfamiliar stuff, right? So, go on and whip out one or two things from the list for your next fish and chips order.

You see, just because this meal is given to you in a box does not mean it has to stay that way until you finish it. Eat your fish and chips takeaway like it’s new every time. Pair with up with different side dishes and surprise yourself with how flexible fish and chips can be. Just refer to the list above. For starters, that can jumpstart your creativity. Bon appétit!

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Grilling Fish with Finesse!



grilling fishTo grill or not to grill: that is really the question, right? We all love to grill. Why? That is simply because grilled food is just friendly to the palate. Grilled fish is most delectable. There is nothing more delicious than a well-grilled fish served outdoors, when you and your family want to enjoy a time out from work and school.

The question is: how do we perfectly get the grilling done? Let’s face it; fish is just too delicate, and mishaps can occur anytime. So, what do we do?

1. Keep the Skin Intact.

Yes, that’s right. The skin must not be removed. You might remove the skin if you’re baking, but grilling is a different thing. Grilling can involve a few tossing and turning because you are required to engage more to get it done perfectly. That is why you need the skin- to prevent fillets from falling off.

Eating the skin may not be applicable to all fish. For mackerel or trout, you can easily eat the skin because it is thin and can become crispy after grilling. For salmon and halibut, however, we would want their skin removed. You may do this after the grilling, not before.

2. Fish Basket Convenience.

Like the skin, the fish basket can keep parts of the fish to fall apart. You just simply place the fish in it. You won’t have to flip the fish anymore. Because the fish basket is like a big tong that traps the fish inside, you may simply flip the basket to flip the fish. Convenient? Yes!

3. Try the Packet!

One wouldn’t steam the steak, but you can actually do this to the fish. You can grill the fish, but you place it in a foil first. Place all the ingredients, plus the fish, of course, and seal the foil shut. Pinch the seals. Grilling the fish like this makes the fish more delicious because no juice from the fish can escape while grilling. Spray the foil with cooking oil to avoid sticking.

4. The Plank.

This is another great way to get the fish done. Some people find this fancy. This one is easier as compared to grilling fish directly on the grates. A little tip: if you want to use the plank, it is better to soak it in water for two hours before using it. Place the fish on top of the plank, then cover the grill, and let it stay there until it is done. You don’t have to worry about flipping the fish. Repositioning your plank may be necessary.

5. Get Help from the Skewer!

The skewer is that long metal or wooden stick used to hold food together when grilling. This one is very useful when grilling scallops or shrimps. We grill a lot of them, and it’s a little taxing if we flip them individually. The skewer helps us not to lose a few to the fire, and they also make our task easier. Grill away.

Don’t dread grilling. Learn to love it. Just follow these tips diligently, and sooner or later, you’ll be grilling like a pro!

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How to Find Time to Exercise Even When Schedule is Too Tight



healthy takeaway

“Who’s got the time?” Do you usually respond using that statement when you hear the word exercise? Some people even find it impossible. We go to work, run the house, attend PTAs, buy groceries, pay the bills- really, who’s got the time?

That’s a good question, but we must always prioritize health, too, because if we get sick, who’s going to run the house? Who’s going to go to work? Who’s going to go to your children’s PTA meeting?

Don’t worry. For the next few minutes I won’t be convincing you to go to the gym. Instead, I will give you a few steps on how to get sweat up- even just for a bit- without spending a few hours at the gym.

If we can spend three to four hours watching TV while eating junk food, then we definitely have time to sweat.

Make Exercise a Daily Routine

And by daily routine, I don’t mean just merely choosing any hour of the day. It is better if you have an established time to sweat up a little bit. 30 minutes to one hour a day can make a very good start.

You can choose to wake up earlier than your waking-up schedule and just jog around the block. You can also do this after work, during your breaks, or whatever time that’s most comfortable for you. You just have to make sure that you have an established or fixed time for it.
Of course, just be flexible. If you really can’t wake up early because you’ve had a long night, you can run around the block after work. Don’t be too obsessed with your routine schedule.

Exercise and Daily Routines

Do you know that you can actually incorporate exercises into your daily routine? Here’s how: you can start with parking your car at the very end of the parking area. This will give you the chance to spend a few more minutes walking than the usual. You can also choose to take the stairs than the elevator. A few minutes of ascending “manually” can do you good. Walk. Walk. Walk. This alone is exercise. If you have the chance to do it, grab it.

Make Lunch-Time Shorter

At work, instead of making lunch last for an hour, you can choose to ask one of your closest workmates to walk with you. Make your lunch hour shorter, and spend the other half of it walking. Brisk walking is more advisable.

At home, you can also plan activities with your kids. Instead of planning a day with the kids watching TV and eating a sandwich, you should plan on a day at the park. You can play catch with your children, walk your dogs, or even plan a biking trip. Your children would love to hang out with you outdoors.

Find Time to Reward Your Efforts

Rewarding one’s self is a good motivation. If you have reached a month-long goal, for example, a spa may be in order. Relax a little bit. Other people reward themselves by attending a cooking class that will help them create a healthier meal for themselves and their families. That is more rewarding and of course, responsible. You may also shop for a new pair of workout shoes or pants to get you more motivated to do your routines. Rewarding one’s self is not a bad thing. It’s like giving yourself a tap at the back: good job. Keep going!

We must always remember that aiming to be healthy is a good investment. Prevention is better than cure. Grabbing the chance to walk when opportunity hands it to you is a good start.

Don’t worry if your “walks” fall only to segments in a day. At lease you walked. Just motivate yourself every single day, and your time spent exercising will increase and increase because you will be able to appreciate the good things that even a simple walk can give you.

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Reduce Your Cholesterol Now! Find out How

Is cholesterol good or bad? Do we need to totally get rid of it? Of course NOT. While the word carries a bad connotation, the fact is, we need it in our bodies. We need cholesterol to be able to perform our daily tasks and at the same time, maintain proper structure of our cells. But like all other things, too much of it is bad… really bad.

Lower Your Cholesterol Level

That is why it is important for us to maintain our cholesterols to a healthy level. A lot of people pay a huge amount of money every month for gym memberships, saunas, and even check-ups, but why don’t they succeed still?

For a proper knowledge on the gain and lose of cholesterol in your body, you must visit your doctor. If your cholesterol level is not looking good, you must start losing weight, and with that I mean through the healthy way.

Getting help is not that difficult. And for starters, here are a few things that you need to do to maintain a good cholesterol level.

What to Eat?

Foods with…

  • Fibre.

If you’re not into these foods, it is best if you start shopping for them and store them within your reach. Here is a short list: beans, vegetables, wheat bran, barley, oats, and the like. These are essentially good for our bodies. They are a very good source of fibre.

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

To regulate your blood pressure, you must eat foods with Omega-3. Good sources of Omega-3 are salmon, tuna, mackerel, canola, and flaxseed oil.

  • Folic Acids.

Folic acids are good for our bodies because they lower down the homocysteine levels, which result to the decrease of risks to heart attacks.

  • Mono saturated fats.

Mono saturated fatty acids help keep blood vessels healthy. Moderation is advised, of course, because these foods, like Almonds, Walnuts, and Pistachios, are high in calories. 5 Walnuts, 5 Pistachios, and 5 Almonds are just enough for you every day.

What to Avoid?

  • Drinking coffee.

Yes, you better stay away from the coffee maker, and do not make a quick stop at Starbucks on your way home. Caffeine raises cholesterol levels. Heavy coffee drinking leads to production of bad cholesterol and increase of fatty acids in the blood.

  • Dairy Products.

I know. You just heard a big “oh no!” in your head. But what should be done must be done. Full fat milk, cheese, butter, cream… we could go on and on. You’re not expected to absolutely say NO to these foods. Just decrease your consumption- and I mean decrease.

And there is one other thing. This is not rocket science, and this advice has been given ever since: QUIT SMOKING!

Smoking lowers down our HDL levels. Stop smoking to lower your cholesterol count.

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

Exercises can be done in many ways, even without going to the gym. Most of us dread looking for time to go to the gym. For example, you can park your car away from your workplace, so you will have the chance to walk to your office. We also often use the elevator. How about using the stairs this time, right? A 30-minute run every day is good, too. It is not too time consuming. You can do it after work.

If you want to lose weight, this is one of the things that you must do. This improves your strength and blood pressure, which can lead to cholesterol level decrease.

The key here is discipline and perseverance. No changes can occur if you will not help yourself.

Avoiding High Mercury Content: Which Fish to Eat and Not to Eat When Breastfeeding?


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If you are currently nursing or breastfeeding, you should be watchful of your diet. As a parent, you do want what’s best for your child, and that is just right.
You may have encountered a lot of people who told you not to eat fish when you’re breastfeeding. The presence of mercury in fish may or can harm your child. It is just understandable that this is devastating news, especially for those who love their fish. Also, fish is one of the best sources of Omega-3, and we all know we need our Omega-3, right? We have always known fish as a healthy sea food.


Why Dread Fish When Breastfeeding?

It is true that fish contain mercury. When you eat fish, your body absorbs methymercury found in fish. Mercury will then make its way to milk, and eventually be absorbed in your baby’s body, which is harmful for him or her. The baby’s brain and nervous system may then be affected because methylmercury acts as a neurotoxin. Babies and very young children should not be exposed to methymercury because their nervous system and brain are still developing.

Stop Eating Fish Now?

No. That is not necessary. While there may be risks eating fish while you’re breastfeeding, they are not enough to offset the good things that come with eating fish. Remember, fish is just a very good source of Omega-3. And why do we need our Omega-3? It is simply because Omega-3 helps lower the risks of chronic diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and heart diseases. Fish is healthy seafood, and should not be eliminated from the diet. However, it can be limited, or you simply need to avoid fish that has high mercury content.

Which Ones?

Good question. One cannot totally avoid mercury exposure, but it can be controlled, starting with knowing what fish to eat and which ones to avoid. Based on research by the Food and Drug Administration in 2004, there are four types of fish that breastfeeding women and young children should avoid: king mackerel, tilefish, swordfish, and shark. These fishes are high in mercury content.

It does not really stop there. There are experts who also suggest that striped bass, marlin, Spanish mackerel, frozen or fresh tuna, and golden snapper must also be avoid, together with Chilean sea bass, orange roughy, walleye, and Crevalle jack. You must be stunned by the list, but we do want what’s best for our children, right? It’s just for the mean time. When you’re done breastfeeding, you can list them back on the menu.

Omega-3 From Other Sources

Now that you want to limit fish in your diet, that does not necessarily mean that you cannot have enough Omega-3. There are other foods that contain Omega-3. Milk, eggs, juice, soy beverages, yogurt, cereal, margarine, and bread also contain Omega-3. Although some may not have high DHA content, you can still increase the amount up by mixing the different sources in your diet.

You can also turn to supplements. Some may contain fish oil, but you don’t have to worry; that is mercury-free because mercury is not fat soluble. You can also choose cod liver oils. However, you need to make sure that you’re just taking enough vitamin A. Too much vitamin A is not good for the body.

Yes! Don’t Stop Eating Fish

…as long as you choose the fish for you. Yes, we may get our Omega-3 from other sources, but fish is still different. Aside from it being a healthy seafood, it is just delicious! Do not totally deprive yourself from it. See the list of “fish-to-eat” as your silver lining. If there are ways to protect our children without totally changing ourselves (or even our diets), then let’s take advantage of them- starting with not totally crushing out fish from the menu. Just leave out those with high mercury content to stay on the safe side.

Have you had your Fish and chips lately?


Say Goodbye to High Cholesterol Levels with These Easy Tips


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A lot of people today are just investing so much when it comes to their health. That is just reasonable, for nowadays, heart diseases, high-cholesterol levels, and other diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles and bad food choices are just sending people to hospitals with skyrocketing bills. They say prevention is better than cure. That is reasonable.

Some people dread the thought of “staying healthy and fit” because they think it is just synonymous to “expensive”. Of course, we have to spend, but not necessarily too much for it.

One of the main problems is the increase of cholesterol levels in our bodies. If you think maintaining or regulating cholesterol level is difficult, think again. You just need to know what to do.

Staying Fit. Sweat it Out.

Yes, you got that right. One of the best ways to maintain cholesterol level or reducing it is exercise. However, a lot of people nowadays just utter out excuses such as “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have enough budgets for a gym registration”. Well, that may be acceptable, but who said that sweating out has to involve going to the gym?

If you can’t go to the gym, simply set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour for a walk. Brisk walking is more advisable. You can do this by just circling around a few blocks close to your house or even in parks. 30 minutes to 1 hour of walking a day is good enough- inexpensive, and it requires less time.
Also, you can choose to take the stairs instead of elevators. Walk to your office. Do not rely on the elevator to do the walking for you- or in this case, climbing up. You can also choose to park your car a few blocks away from your workplace. With that, you can walk a little bit before reaching the office.
To Eat or not To Eat?

You need to start avoiding…

Dairy products

While dairy products make the best morning – at least to some people, it is encouraged to eat less of them. We may think that they are a good source of protein, and that is right. However, that also depends on your physical activities. For a lower cholesterol level, stop waking up with dairy products in mind for breakfast.

Some of you may have frowned to see this on the list, but it is a sad fact. Too much coffee intake can lead to high cholesterol level and the increase of fatty acids in our bloods. While we think that we all need a little caffeine to keep us awake during study night or during an all-nighter to finish a report, we might just want to munch on an apple instead. It is healthier, and it is recommended.

You need to start eating…

Foods High in Fiber.

Fiber simply prevents the absorption of cholesterol in the body. So what are these priced foods? Here they are: beans vegetables, barley, oats, garlic, apples, whole pulses, and wheat bran. Have you eaten enough of them? If you haven’t, include them in your shopping list, so the next time you visit the nearest groceries, you won’t forget them.

The Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids help regulate or control blood pressure. We don’t want a high blood pressure, right? Salmon, tuna, mackerel, canola, and flaxseed are very rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

The Folic Acids

If you want to decrease the homocysteine levels and lower down the risks of heart attacks and all other heart related problems, you need to consider eating foods high on folic acids. These foods may be in our fridges, but we just don’t know which ones contain folic acids. The green leafy vegetables, whole pulses, and lentils are a few of them. So, if you have these in your fridge, just include them in your meals, and you’re all set.

Other Things to Avoid

Smoking. You better quit now!

Why? Smoking lowers down HDL levels. Lower down your cholesterol count by throwing all your packs away. Never look back. And besides, other people are affected when you smoke as well. It may never be easy, but it is worth the effort.
Excessive talking? Seriously?

Yes, this is true. While this may come as a surprise to the majority, but talking indeed causes stress. This leads to high blood pressure, which eventually leads to high cholesterol levels. So, for those of you who love to talk, you better start limiting your words per day.

Easy or Not?

The answer may differ. Some of you may think that it is easy, while some may think it is difficult. For those who already started a few of the mentioned “to-do’s”, congratulation is in order.

Don’t get discouraged when you fall off the track every once in a while. Just get back on track as soon as you can.    

The Cultural Food That Is Fish And Chips


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Every culture around the world have their own iconic food. For the United States it’s probably the cheeseburger. For Japan it could be Sushi. For Germany it’s the brat and for the British it has got to be the fish and chips.  This staple has been a part of Britain’s food scene since the 1800’s. In fact, it’s already more than 150 years old and still going strong. Not only is it popular in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Australia and New Zealand but is has also gained a foothold in other countries such as those in Europe, Southeast Asia and especially the United States. 

Fish and Chips - The Fish Currumbin

Tasty as it is, this venerable institution is also very simple to make. That’s probably one reason it has lasted this long and has gained a worldwide following. A piece or rather a hunk of battered fish deep fried to a nice golden brown with a side of French fries or chips as they are called. The smell is tantalizing and the taste – well the taste is simply heaven and it is one very filling meal once you get it all down, which you will and in no time flat. 

Who invented this dish is up for debate as there are many parties that claim to have put it all together. That may not be truly deciphered unless real, intangible proof comes up. That being said, the history of both the fish and the potatoes when taken separately goes back even further anyway.  That’s because the potato was bought in from the new world as early as the 1700’s and fried fish became a staple once steam was used to power the fishing boats in the 1800’s.

What is true is that once the combination was made it became a hot item in England, especially in London’s impoverished East End.  There are over 10,000 fish and chip shops or chippies in the United Kingdom resulting in over 229 million portions being sold annually or so the numbers say. The fish used is usually cod or haddock since this was caught a plenty in the cold waters of the North Atlantic.  The fish was dipped in a beer batter and deep fried. The carbon dioxide in the beer helps to make a lighter batter so it does not absorb the oil. It’s usually served piping hot from the fryer but back in the day it was sold cold and not with fried potatoes but with bread.

Basically it was everyday blue collar worker’s food. It also was an important staple during World War 2. The fish and chips were probably one of the few foods that were not rationed in anyway.   With the way things are going its run as the quintessential British cuisine will not end anytime soon. Not if half the population of the UK keeps going to fish and chip shops at least once a month. As long as there’s cod and potatoes, this dish will still be around for the next 150 years and more.

On Sustainable And Healthy Seafood


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We all eat seafood every day in one form or another. That goes without saying since about 2/3rds of our planet is water. That means that we do have a place where we can harvest the seafood from in order to fill our respective palates. That being said it doesn’t mean that what you are eating is safe and healthy for you. That’s because there is such a thing as healthy seafood and unhealthy seafood.

Let’s face it; the waters in our seas and oceans aren’t exactly that clean. What I mean by that is it’s not like it is pure water with no taste or added chemicals. The oceans are teeming with minerals and toxic elements that can potentially kill you or at the very least make you unwell. That’s why you may want to be selective with the seafood that you eat so you stay safe in the long term.

Seafood - The Fish Currumbin
Speaking of long term you may want to buy and eat seafood that is part of a sustainable program. Responsibly harvested seafood that is sustainable can be quite healthy for you and this has been supported by experts such as Leah Gerber, an associate professor at Arizona State University among others.

But what does it mean to be sustainable. In simple terms it means that the seafood was caught using practices that can be used over and over again for a long time without affecting the type of seafood being caught. That is to say, even though they are being harvested they are still able to reproduce and thus replenish their stocks without much trouble.

Certain fish are in danger because of old practices of overfishing. Not only that, the way they are caught can also affect the amount of toxins that they carry which, when eaten by you, can have an adverse and potentially lethal result. Why is that?

That’s because as the fishes swim and eat in the waters of the oceans they accumulate toxins in their body. Often, this is in the form of mercury which in big doses can be fatal. As already mentioned above, many experts believe, sustainable fishing practices can result in healthier seafood.

Take albacore tuna as an example. Unlike other tuna species albacore has less mercury and so is safer to eat and thus considered healthy seafood. Of course there’s a caveat – they have to be caught using the troll or pole system unlike the regular long line system which catch its bigger and older brethren. That’s because the bigger and older tuna’s that are caught using the latter carry a lot more mercury in them. So if you want to stay away from the toxicity you may want to eat smaller and younger seafood.

At the same time catching the older fish stock will remove the adults that can help propagate the species. By doing so you keep them from laying eggs and thus keeping their stock in good health. That’s why Bluefin tuna and Chilean sea bass are in the danger list due to overfishing.